Congestion And Rhinitis Are Common In Fibromyalgia Patients

      RATIONALE: Patients with fibromyalgia experience a large number of different symptoms. We report here the occurrence of upper airway symptoms such as congestion, rhinitis and comorbid conditions in these patients.
      METHODS: We assessed 25 consecutive female patients with fibromyalgia, age median 54 (range 39 to 78) using the 13 questions congestion screener, structured clinical records were used for searching comorbidities such as eczema or asthma, skin prick testing for atopy determination and FeNo, spirometry and impulse oscillometry to determine the existence of a lower airway component of disease.
      RESULTS: 20/25 (80%) patients suffered nasal congestion during the previous week, median was 21 (range 6 to 39), 12/25 were skin positive almost all to dust mites, but only 13 fullfill criteria for allergic rhinitis, 8/25 had asthma and 8/25 suffered fron eczema.
      FeNo values assessed by the Niox Mno trend to be higher in skin test positive patients, respiratory impedance as well was higher in patients with asthma.
      CONCLUSIONS: Nasal congestion is very common feature of patients with fibromyalgia and atopic diseases are more frequent in this group than in similar age matched population.