Breed-specific dog hypersensitivity in humans

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      The contribution of allergenic components of dander and serum from individual dog breeds in human hypersensitivity and the different responses to the various breeds in vivo and in vitro were examined. Differences in IgE antibodies directed against 13 individual dog breed danders and five different breed-specific sera were measured in groups sensitive and nonsensitive to dogs by the radioallergosorbent test (RAST). Cross-reactivity between dander extracts and sera was examined by RAST inhibition. Mean RAST binding to dog danders and sera was 15.9% and 14%, respectively, for the dog-sensitive group versus 0.6% for both danders and sera in the nonsensitive group. The mean difference in binding between groups was statistically different for all dander extracts and sera. The variances in binding were statistically greater for danders than sera in six of eight dog-reactive subjects. RAST binding and intradermal skin tests at a 1:10,000 Math Eq dilution correlated well (p < 0.05) for seven of nine breed-specific extracts. RAST inhibition studies showed that dog serum proteins were relatively poor inhibitors of dander extracts, and vice versa. Variability of skin test and RAST responses to different dog breed dander extracts support the existence of breed-specific allergens.
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